The object of this league is for everyone to have fun. Hopefully, these rules will help us to reach that goal by keeping disputes to a minimum, by speeding along the games, and by encouraging safety.

The basic rules of this league, with the following exceptions, are those adopted by the American Softball Association (ASA/USA) 2017 edition and WCASI League rules. Rule books are available from the WCASI office.


  1. Team Rosters: Roster forms must be filled out for each team and submitted to the commissioner prior to the first game of the season. Additional players may be added to this form during the season without penalty, except that only players who have participated in at least three (3) of the regular season games are eligible to play in the playoffs. There is no limit on the number of players on the roster. Once a player has signed the roster form, that player shall not transfer to or play for any other team in the league during the season or playoffs. (See clarification below in Rule 2.)
  2. Game Line-ups: Prior to the start of each game, each manager or team representative shall give the official scorekeeper a filled-out batting order (line-up sheet). Male (M) and Female (F) should be noted next to each name listed. Late additions to the roster during any game must be added as the last batter in the batting order. An “out” will not automatically be registered during turns at-bat for persons who must leave a game early; however, batting orders may have to be altered (i.e., females may have to move up in the batting order) to ensure compliance with the rule that no more than 4 men may bat in a row. At least 50% of the players on the field during all innings of all games must be employees of the sponsoring team. Game day rosters must be emailed to the league commissioner after each game; these game day rosters will be stored and used (upon request to the league commissioner) to resolve disputes on whether a player in the playoffs has played in at least four (4) regular season games. Managers have two weeks from the day of their game to submit the rosters for that game. After two weeks, game day roster submissions will not be accepted, and none of the players for that game will obtain credit towards the 4-game requirement for playoff eligibility. (All new players that were not originally listed on the official roster and waiver form must be added to the roster form and given to the league commissioner or WCASI. A player must sign the roster/waiver form prior to playing in a game to be eligible to play. All players must be at least 18 years old to sign the waiver form and play in the league.) If submitted on a non-WCASI line up sheet then male/female must be noted.
  3. League Commissioner: The team managers shall choose a League Commissioner and an Assistant League Commissioner. The commissioner’s duties shall be to maintain the league financial records, team rosters, game line-ups, game results, etc. The commissioner shall also act as the final interpreter of the Engineering League rules for appeals, except that the assistant commissioner shall rule when a conflict of interest occurs.
  4. Number of Players: A minimum of 8 players must play the field defensively. The maximum number of players playing defensively on the field is 11. Players are not allowed to switch positions (unless the switch involves the pitcher or an injury) during an inning. The batting order must contain all those who play in the field and may contain additional players not playing in the field up to all those team members who are present, at the option of the team manager.
  5. Male/Female Ratio: A minimum of 2 female players must be in the game and playing defensively on the field at all times. A maximum of 7 males may be on the field defensively.
  6. Batting Order: A female must bat a minimum of every 5th turn in the batting order (i.e., no more than 4 men may bat in a row).
  7. Forfeits: When a team has fewer than 8 players or less than 2 female players, they shall forfeit the game. A 10-minute grace period shall be allowed for the required players to show up for the 6:00 pm games only. The 10 minute grace period will come off the game time. Umpires will not work a forfeited game per ASA/USA rules.
  8. Ball & Bat Selection: No player will be allowed to use a bat that is NOT a SINGLE WALL BAT during a game. No composite or multi-walled bats may be used in league play. Any player entering the batter’s box with an illegal (composite or multi-wall) bat may be called out. Any second offense the batter will be ejected from the game.
  9. Substitutions: Players may be taken out of the line-up and returned at any time (one time) with the following restriction: When a player is substituted into the game, she/he must play one full inning unless that player becomes injured. There is a “one re-entry rule” rule.
  10. Courtesy Runner: Courtesy runners may be put in when a player is injured, so as to not make running hazardous. Courtesy runners must be the last player called out and of the same gender. If a runner of the same gender is not available (e.g., if only two women are in the line-up and one is on base), then the last runner of the opposite gender who made an out will become the courtesy runner.
  11. Length of Game: The minimum official game length shall be 4 complete innings (or 3 ½ innings if the home team (i.e., the team which bats second) is winning). The 65 minute time limit starts from the scheduled game time even if the game starts late. No new inning will begin after 60 minutes of play has expired. All games will play with a 1-1 count.
    • At the umpire’s discretion, a game may be called for darkness or inclement weather, but may be rescheduled for the convenience of the league if less than 3 1/2 innings have been played.
  12. Ties: If a game ends in a tie due to time or 7 innings have been played, the tie shall stand as a valid game.
  13. Equipment:
    • Shoes: No metal cleats. Rounded plastic or rubber material may be worn only.
    • Bats: See Rule 8.
    • Game Balls: The league will provide balls (both regulation size (12”) and smaller size balls (11”)) for each game.
  14. Strikeouts: A strikeout shall be called after three strikes (reminder: batters start with a 1-1 count). After the strike count reaches two, strike three shall be called upon the second subsequent foul ball.

    Collisions/Sliding: It shall be the runner’s responsibility to avoid a collision with a defensive player. If the umpire deems that a runner caused a collision with a defensive player, the runner shall be called out and play shall be considered dead from the time of the collision. If a player grossly violates this rule (as deemed by the umpire), that player shall be ejected. If a player is ejected twice during the season for violating this rule, that player shall be expelled from the league. Sliding is optional at any time. Sliding for the purpose of intentional contact with any defensive player will result in an automatic out and the slider will be ejected from the game, subject to Rule 24. Incidental contact may be allowed and the intent of the slide shall be ruled by the umpire. A “commit” line is located between 3rd base and home plate. If a runner passes the “commit” line, he or she cannot return to 3rd base and must proceed past the home plate scoring line. A runner may cross the commit line and return to 3rd base only on a fly ball tag up. If a defensive player is in possession of the game ball and touches home plate while the runner is between the “commit” line and the home plate scoring line, the runner is out. The defensive player must tag the plate, not the player, once the player passes the commit line. No player shall touch home plate to score; rather, they must pass the home plate scoring line. If a runner touches (or goes over) home plate (or through the batter’s box whether visible or not) on a live ball, he/she will be called out.

  15. Base on Balls: A walk shall be awarded after four balls. (Reminder: batter starts with a 1-1 count.) NOTE: If a male is walked, the male will automatically go to second base. The following female, with less than 2 outs, must bat. If two outs have occurred the female then has the option of walking or batting. This must be declared BEFORE the female steps in the batter’s box. Once the female steps into the batter’s box, she must bat.
  16. Umpires: Two umpires are scheduled by the league for every game. If an umpire fails to show up for a game, the game will be officiated by one umpire.
  17. Outfielder Positioning: When a player is at bat, the outfielders must remain behind the painted arced line, which extends 175 feet from home plate until the ball is hit. If this rule is violated, and the batter makes an out, the batter then shall be awarded first base and all base runners shall be advanced one base from their original positions.
  18. Arc of the Pitch: Each pitch must be between 6 feet and 12 feet from the ground, after leaving the pitcher’s hand and before it passes any part of home plate.
  19. Courtesy Catcher: When a team can only provide 8 players on the field defensively, the opposing team shall provide a player to play as courtesy catcher for the team on the field. The courtesy catcher’s only role shall be to return pitched balls that are not hit by the batter back to the pitcher. Once the ball is hit into play, the courtesy catcher shall not interfere or participate with play on the field. Any team who does not provide a courtesy catcher for any reason during the game shall immediately forfeit the game.
  20. Challenging umpire calls: The person acting as team manager during the game is the only person who may challenge a rule interpretation made by the umpire. Other players who argue with the umpire may be ejected if they are disrupting the game. The use of recording equipment may not be used to dispute umpire calls.
  21. Ejection: If a player is ejected by the umpire, that player shall not be eligible to play until a decision on the ejection and suspension is made by the WCASI commissioner. A player ejected by the umpire due to violent behavior, may be ineligible for the rest of the season or longer. This is subject to appeal to the Engineering Commissioner and the WCASI commissioner and/or the WCASI Board of Directors.
  22. BBQ: Each regular season team shall also provide a fee ($$) determined by the Commissioner and Board, for the preparation of a cook-out (e.g., barbeque, etc.). The date of the barbeque will also be determined by the Commissioner and Board. There will be no All-Star game for 2017.
  23. Playoffs: The teams with the top 50% records shall make the playoffs. *This may be adjusted due to the amount of teams eligible. The top team shall play the fourth place team, and the second place team shall play the third place team in a single elimination game to determine the championship match-up. Ties in records at the end of the season shall be determined by the head-to-head record; If tied with win-lose, the next criteria is: runs scored against common opponent, then total runs scored for the season against all opponents. The last two numerical games, (the Championship and “if” games), shall be a full 7-inning game unless called by the umpire or the losing team's manager elects to terminate the game for evident reasons.