Co-Ed Rules

    MEN MUST USE A SINGLE WALL BAT IN ALL CO-ED GAMES. If a male batter mistakenly uses a multi-wall/composite bat for his at bat, gets a hit and it is brought to the umpire’s attention BEFORE the next pitch to a female batter, the male batter in question will return to home plate and “re-do” his at bat with a single wall bat. Any runners that advanced on the hit by the male batter using a multi-wall/composite bat will return to the base they occupied before the male came up to bat.

    If the same male player uses a multi-wall/composite bat a second time, that male will be removed from the game. If there is no substitute to take the removed male player’s place in the batting order, that number in the batting order will be an automatic out. Abuse of this rule MAY result in taking the multi-wall/composite bat out of the remainder of the game for the offending team.
  2. WALKS: If a male player is walked, intentionally or not, he will go to second base. If there are less than two outs, the next female player must bat. If there are two outs, she has the option of hitting or walking. If she steps into the batter’s box she must complete the at bat.
  3. DEFENSIVE POSITIONING: Defensive players may play in any position. Male and Female players do not have to be alternated in defensive positions on the field.
  4. NUMBER OF DEFENSIVE PLAYERS: There must be a minimum of 8 defensive players (4 Male and 4 Female, or 3 Male and 5 Female). The maximum number of defensive players is 10 (5 Male and 5 Female, or 4 Male and 5 Female, or 3 Male and 7 Female). A minimum of 4 females are required. A minimum of 3 males are required (assuming there are at least 5 female players to bring the total of defensive players to 8). A team may not play with more males than females defensively.
  5. BATTING ORDER: Males and females must alternate turns at bat. No two males may bat in succession. In the event of more female players, all female players must bat before the first male batter listed on the line-up is allowed to bat again. If there are more females in the line-up, females may bat back-to back anywhere in the line-up.
  6. BALLS: An 11” ball will be used when a female bats and 12” when a male bats. Females have the option of hitting the 12” ball. Males DO NOT have the option of hitting the 11” ball. If in error, the pitcher pitches an 11” ball to a Male batter, it is an appeal play, by the offense. If an appeal is not made, the result of the at bat stands.
  7. OUTFIELDER POSITIONING: All outfielders must be behind the painted arced line, which is positioned 175’ from home plate, until the ball crosses the plate or the ball is hit. Any infraction, by offensive appeal or umpire judgement call, will result in first base being awarded to the batter and all base runners shall be advanced one base from their original positions. It’s the umpire’s judgment as to when an infielder becomes an outfielder.
  8. COURTESY RUNNER: Courtesy runners must be the last out and of the same gender. If no outs, then the runner will be the last batter, of the same sex, from the previous inning. If it is the first inning then the courtesy runner will be the last batter in the order of the same gender.
  9. SCORING LINE: A SCORING LINE WILL BE USED IN ALL WCASI LEAGUES. Players are required to score by passing over the scoring line and making contact with the ground. The out can only be made by the defensive player touching home plate with the ball in their possession: i.e. NO TAGGING. The runner is expected to veer away from the plate. If a runner runs through the batter box or steps on home plate, an out will be call. If a runner attempts to intimidate the catcher, in the umpire’s judgement, the runner may be called out. EXCEPTION to the scoring line rule: A runner may touch the plate in a dead ball situation (walk, or any other dead ball situation).